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The Gilded Age/The Guilded Age

Ozydman, Mar 23, 12 2:22 AM.
Surveying the world of gaming the solid trend appears to be gamers who play multiple games but one as a "main" to use WoW parlance...I am an exception I play one game at a time sometimes for many years...

My MMO experience has been limited to WoW..No my account is not banned..I banned Blizzard so to speak from my own life...
SWtOR I found to be a more appealing "sandbox" than anything WoW could touch...
I'm worried that this game has been under-estimated...Especially since I have found a social aspect of this game I truly enjoy...On to Guild stuff...

This is what I call a "scraps" guild..."scraps" referring to the style of social group I am focusing on recruiting...

Negativity is not acceptable...even from me...that said it happens to us all...
Social Heiarchy plays a heavy and pronounced role in the games...Think of the "Speed-dial Episode" of Seinfeld..Where Jerry dates a woman that arranges her social hierarchy on a speeddial...drama ensues...
Guilds with ranks are no different but the roles must be accepted as "gameplay"...really"cosplay" is more appropriate...
While I'm not a Role player the imaginitive idea has social merit for being diplomatic with strangers on MMO games

That being said I as GLeader decided not to be in any RL(Real Life) friends guild so as to be fairly impartial as to assignment of guild heirarchy...

My plan is to level my main to Max level training Crew skills as I go..making it slower...I will group with as many people my level and lower as possible to advance them faster than soloing...This I do for the betterment of the guild and ultimately my playing enviorment...
When level 50 I will warzone nearly exclusively except to level guildies up in pve "operations"..On my main at least...
After my main is maxed I will be covering basic crew skills for my guild with my alts...These will benefit from Legacy expansions I hope...I have 6 Old Republic toons already made(and only that..starting areas)..on Helm of Graush

OFFICERS:If your reading this and your not me you have officer potential,especially right now
I need PvE Leads
Guild Crew Skills coordinator
Leveling Officer
PvP Officer to counterbalance my sillyness

At different times people will share or have different responsibilities..If you want a serious and successful Guild. 

More Later

Guild Founded

Ozydman, Mar 22, 12 12:58 PM.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy welcomes you to the Old Republic.
Marlonbrando GM
Recruitment is open we are taking all players,regardless of experience. Being the GM I have a bunch of policies about guild functions. First is that these are all online friends. Where as many guilds are "RL" friends..I really only deal with people from the game. I have no girlfriend or RL friends in the guild though I have a gf and RL friends:P..The point is to remain impartial to have more fun and make new friends...
Officer positions and responsibilities will be handled easier this way...
I reward innovation, generosity and I go by the Starship Troopers leadership strategy..."Command until I find someone better or they are inactive"
Previous guild set ups I have run in WoW included:
Meta-guild set up: A department,officer and rank for each play style and general level of advancement:
Nub rank, Recruit/Guest, Leveler, Pvper, Raider(Operations), varying degrees of officer
Former officer positions that will probably be relevant later.
1st officer(PvE operations 'raid leads')
PvP officer(Will nearly always be run by me)
Leveling officer
Professions officer

That is basic officer heirarchy.
As of 1.2 guild banks are coming...We will have a community 'grab bag' and storage front.
Also I enjoy theme naming the ranks so if names are confusing make guild portal app!
That will have to do for now.
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